Information For Providers

I love spending quality time with my patients. I do my best to treat each and every one of my patients like a close member of my own family. I rarely have individuals leave a visit without having them get on the treatment table so that I can put my hands onto them in some form of healing and therapeutic manner.

I like to gather all of the pieces of their healthcare puzzle, and then sit with each individual and really listen to their unique story, in an effort to figure out what they are in need of, and what potential avenues could still be explored.

The primary conditions that I love working with are ones involving acute / chronic pain, chronic anxiety, depression, difficulty sleeping, immune / nervous system dysfunction, and past traumas. I strive to work holistically with each unique individual, to find where we can work together on all of the foundational aspects of reestablishing optimal health with regard to diet / nutrition / hydration, sleep, stress management, movement, sweating & detoxification, nature, love / connection / support, and all of the aspects of optimal health that support individuals to flourish within this world.

I also enjoy providing therapeutic treatment to patients with the use of a gentle manual myofascial release technique, that uses a light touch to relieve tension along the myofascial tension lines, involving the interconnectedness throughout the fascial layers, with special consideration to the respiratory diaphragm and the abdominopelvic viscera, as well.

I work on rebalancing the autonomic nervous system by releasing the diaphragm, and treating the vagus nerve, with both manual therapy, as well as perineural injection therapy (PIT), and work to uncover any past traumas held within the tissues of the body. This essentially provides a head-to-toe treatment with the combination of the manual release, as well as PIT in more local regions where indicated.

The overall effect is transformative, where patients often experience a significant release of past traumas / emotions / experiences / visions that have been guarded within holding patterns throughout their soft tissue, and more specifically within the myofascia, respiratory diaphragm, and visceral fascia.