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What if instead of living in a world of absolutes, we lived in a world of maybes? What if instead of living in a world of stark contrasts, such as black / white, light / dark, good / bad, we lived in a world that had a vast gray area, where things were not so life-or-death? Perhaps there wouldn’t be so many topics in life that felt so final / ending / dire, and we could take a step back from the deeply rooted fight-or-flight culture that we currently live in today?

Much of what ails us physically, emotionally, and mentally in today’s world is a byproduct of living our lives as though we are constantly being chased. Is it just me, or do > 90% of things that we spend the majority of our days stressing over end up being relatively insignificant when all is said and done?

What if we could subconsciously pick and choose which of the elements we wanted to essentially breathe in? What if we actually had the ability to avoid the atoms with the frantically spinning electron clouds that have the potential to crash into, or clash with, our subatomic structure, but instead could choose to take in the ones that were more in-line with our subatomic ionic line-up? Similar to Ohm’s Acoustic Law, and how it can be easier to understand the frequency of a sound wave, and the way in which this may alter the frequency of the atoms that it comes into contact with (i.e. the atoms, molecules, cells that make up our bodies), so can the more difficult-to-visualize, smaller, and more rapidly-moving energy and light waves affect us at an atomic level, as well.

When we think about where the atoms, that make up the molecules, that make up the elements, that make up our world are coming from, we begin to shift our perspective on what we are accepting into our bodies as a part of ourselves. Are the organic molecules that are from plants and more humanely treated animals better for our bodies, merely for the fact that they contain the carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen elements that are found in nature, as opposed to the synthetically made molecules that make up processed foods, such as Cheetos? As delicious as Cheetos are, what are we actually putting into our bodies when we eat molecules that contain atoms that may not be vibrating at the same frequency as the natural world around us?

Albert Einstein once said, “We are slowed down light and sound waves, a walking bundle of frequencies tuned into the cosmos. We are souls dressed up in sacred biochemical garments and our bodies are the instruments through which our souls play their music”. Perhaps we would play the most beautiful music if we aligned ourselves with the atoms that carried the energies and ionic charges that we most want to be in harmony with within ourselves.

We are literally exchanging carbons, hydrogens, and oxygens with all of the forms of matter all around us, every second of every day. What would happen if we could be more mindful of where the oxygen molecules were coming from that we breathe in through our lungs, and essentially into our souls?

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